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Canuck Powersports covers all aspects in the motorcycling and snowmobile community. An obsession for motorsports combined with journalism and photography is what makes us who we are. We ride hard, we ride fast and cover a lot of ground doing it! You can catch us carving up twisty roads in the summer and snow-covered trails during the winter.


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We are professional contributors to many industry publications.


Join our 4th annual endurance Snowmobile event, The Great Northern Expedition.

March 5, 2022


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Owner Ryan Hawkins has always had adrenalin running through his veins for as long as he can remember. Canuck Powersports started taking shape in the Spring of 2016 when his passions for snowmobiling and motorcycling were taken one step further. “I decided to try my hand at writing a snowmobile article after returning home from a trip in Northern Ontario. Not knowing what to expect I submitted my story to American Snowmobiler and they enjoyed the article enough to publish it in their January 2017 issue. What was written merely for fun ignited a newly found obsession towards motorsports that I never thought possible.”


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